Salem Witch Trial Summary

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The Salem Witch Trails is about the infamous witch trials that swept through the Salem Village of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1692. In this book, Stuart A. Kallen, wrote about how these witch trials began, what happened during them, and how all of this madness finally came to an end. Kallen also wrote about how the town of Salem went from being a rather peaceful Puritan establishment to being a town obsessed with hunting supposed witches. Today, the thought of witchcraft sounds outrageous, but it was actually rather common in the seventeenth century. Two young girls that accused people of witchcraft began this era of hysteria. The girls claimed they had seen people having fits, squirming on the ground, and screaming meaningless words. Once someone was accused they were to be put on trial; women were the only targets of these accusations. The individuals that were put on trial were not really given much of a chance to defend themselves. The innocent people had their possessions taken, their livestock was killed, and their kids had to take care of themselves. The officials would try to get the accused witches to confess by hanging someone else in front of them. The Salem Witch Trails left nineteen people dead and over …show more content…

Kallen is a very informative and detailed writer. In this book, he went into great depth about the Salem Witch Trials. Kallen wrote about everything from how the trials started to how they finally ended. Even though the title of this book is The Salem Witch Trials, it is not only about the witch trials of Salem; Kallen also included some stories and information about the many cases from Europe. If someone wanted to learn just about the witch trials in general, then this is the book for them, but if they wanted to learn specifically about what happened in Salem, it might not be the right book to choose. Something that made this book very interesting was how Kallen added a timeline of events and stories about specific cases from this

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