Salem Witchcraft Hysteri Oppression Of Women In Puritan Society

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Throughout history, women have continuously been the targets of oppression. One historical incident that exemplifies this trend was the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria. The Salem Witchcraft Hysteria resulted from various causes; it occurred in a specific historical, social, and economical context. In regards to the history of the Salem Witch Trials, it is particularly evident that the Puritan society regarded women as subservient to men. This notion can be drawn all the way back to the story of Eve. The principal cause of the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria was the fear and hatred of women fueled by the radical beliefs of Puritan society.
The religion of the Puritan society was radical and hyper. The community of Salem itself was extremely close-knit. …show more content…

As generations went by, the divided lands became insufficient, and so western migration occurred. The west, being associated with the Native American tribes, provoked fear in the Puritan community. If the children weren’t close by to their parents, then who would be there to enforce religion? Thus, the religious fervor agitated the communities of Northern colonies, which was becoming exceedingly intense and radical. In 1688, Martha Goodwin began exhibiting bizarre behavior. Goodwin’s odd and rebellious conduct was soon followed by her siblings. After a dispute with the family, Annie Glover, a servant, was assumed to have taken vengeance on Goodwin by means of witchcraft. She was arrested shortly thereafter. Glover refused to repent for her alleged crimes, and was hanged in the same year. In January of 1692, Abigail Williams, Elizabeth Parris, and Ann Putnam Jr. begin acting much like Martha Goodwin had years prior. They were dancing and singing, which was viewed as a rebellion against social mores. They were examined by Doctor William Griggs, who deemed the “illness” a result of …show more content…

This belief goes way back to the story of Adam and Eve, and their fall from grace. In the story, Adam was the first man, and Eve was created from his rib (an indication that women are not equal to men). They were allowed to live in Paradise, just as long as they obeyed God and did not eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Eve was urged by Satan in the guise of a snake to partake of the fruit. It was Eve who tempted Adam to eat from the tree as well. This story portrays Eve as an independent and prideful woman, who refused to obey God. By refusing to listen to God, she fought submission. She is recognized as the Devil’s willing agent and symbolized women-as-evil. Most of the accused were women. Not only that, but most women had “rebelled” in some way, either by demanding land, speaking out in church, etcetera. This was a society where women were supposed to be inferior. Their disobedience was excused as

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