Similarities Between Willy Loman And Walter Lee Younger

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Willy Loman and Walter Lee Younger are two different people, in two different worlds with almost the same type of problems. The struggles between the Younger and Lomans is quite a twist for some people but if given a chance can be unraveled to see how much love and care is actually put into the meaning of family. First is Willy and how his life is being changed by his memory and struggle to keep up on payments. Second is Walter struggling with his drinking problem and trying to keep his temper in check to tell a certain white man to leave and that they are keeping the house they bought. Lastly is the difference in their struggles that they have to face in order to survive and handle in order to keep their family together. Willy Loman is a businessman who is forced to work for Howard, who doesn’t see Willy’s true potential. Willy is convinced that Howard should let him go work in New York because of how hard and how long he has worked for …show more content…

Arnold. He drives him around to the places he needs to be to on time. He is dissatisfied and disgusted with his life that he drinks it all up and ends up missing three days of work because he couldn’t handle the stress or distraction his life was bringing upon him. During the three days he wasn’t at work he was drinking and thinking up ways he can open up his dream job of owning a liquor store. He is a very desperate man who tries everything to get the ten thousand dollar check from his mom for the store. After talking through everything and expressing himself to his wife and mother, he earns the rest of the money that is left over from his mother, Lena, but all he has to do is put at least three thousand of the money into Beneatha’s college account. He ends up making a mistake and giving it all to Willy Harris who ends up running away with all money. Him making that mistake changes the way he thinks about life and he rejects the money twice from Mr. Linder and he makes his family

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