Dr Bledsoe Analysis

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The narrator goes into a chapel where the students have congregated. Dr. Bledsoe, some founders and other black men is in the found. The narrator is surprised and thinks that Dr. Bledsoe is the only black man he know that can touch white men (other than nurses and barbers). A girl starts singing to get the crowd going then his ugly blind man named Reverend Homer A. Barbee starts giving a sermon. At the end the narrator said he sees Barbee vision and get depressed. When the orchestra starts plays the narrator gets emotional and leaves. The narrator goes to the administration office to get ready to have his meeting with Dr. Bledsoe. the narrator thinks about what he will do after he gets expelled from the school. When the narrator entered the room, Dr. Bledsoe went from joking and …show more content…

The narrator asked for directions to “Men’s House” and he goes on his way afraid to look back. The narrator's rented room looks nice but he gets homesick. He eventually get over it and the next day he got dressed up “smart’ and went out to give the letters to the “important men”. After a lot of failures he was down with one letter left. He decided to write another letter and give it too Mr. Emerson’s secretary. He didn’t have enough money for a train ride home but he couldn’t get any money because he lied to his parents back home. After days of waited he finally received a letter back from Mr. Emerson. As the narrator head to Mr, Emerson office he stops and get breakfast at a diner. along the way to the diner he talk to a few people. When he gets into the diner he gets upset and think that the man is labeling him a southerner when he asked did he want the special. He later finds out that he was making false assumptions. When he arrives to the office the narrator give the secretary a letter and he took him to a room and started talking to

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