Invisible Man Color Map Analysis

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To make a color map for Invisible Man, a map of America had to be outlined to show where certain general places were. This was important because he traveled from the south to New York City. There is a pinpoint in a random place in the south because the exact place is not specified in the book. The book says that he was invited to go to an all-black college due to the speech he gave for the important people of the town and everybody at his graduation. The picture used for this destination was his campus. There are trees as described in the book. Most importantly there is the statue of the black college founder either taking off or putting a veil on a black student. The statue should be bronze, but it is drawn in pencil. The map shows a pinpoint …show more content…

Norton, who is one of the important white men in the story, into a bad part of town. Bledsoe gives his poor letters of recommendation, so the Narrator is forced to stay in New York City to get a job at a company called Liberty Paints. There he learns to mix certain paints to make the best white called “Optic Wight.” The picture of the University also has trees which were described in the book in detail. The next big thing that happens to the narrator is that he is expelled “temporarily” from college and sent to New York City. If he does well in the city with his job he can return to school. In New York, however, the narrator finds out that Dr. Bledsoe has given him terrible letters of recommendation. This leads the narrator to get a job at Liberty Paints, but on his first day he gets in an accident with the boilers and ends up in the hospital with memory loss. This starts over his life in New York City with a new identity. After the narrator leaves the hospital, he gets on a train and goes to Harlem where he ends up living with a woman named Mary. In Harlem he finds his passion for activism when he witnesses an eviction happening on the street. An old woman is being dragged out of her house while she is still sitting in her

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