Sociological Analysis Of The Blind Side

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The difference in values, norms, and ideology in communities shown in The Blind Side

The Blind Side is a real life story of Michael Oher, also known as Big Mike, and the Tuohy family. Since Michael is from the community that is the polar opposite from the Tuohys, the tensions naturally rise when the Tuohys adopt Michael into their community.

Michael Oher, a homeless boy with drug addicted mother, runs away from one foster home to another. Surprisingly and Fortunately, he gets into a private Christian school with the help of the school football coach even though he has a 0.6 GPA. He becomes friends with a little boy named S.J tuohy. After seeing Big Mike playing with S.J, S.J’s parents become curious of Big Mike. After seeing him wandering around at night aimlessly, the Tuohys decide to let Big Mike to stay at their home. Big Mike eventually becomes their family. The Tuohys help Big Mike to maximize his potential as a football player. Big Mike ends up getting scholarships for his talent and plays football for Ole miss.

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When he he tries to enroll Michael Oher and another kid in school, the administrative board says yes to the average white kid right away but they question Michael Oher because of their prejudice towards Michael’s poor background. They think that it would be abnormal to have a kid like that in their private well of Christian school. The coach tells them off and says Michael is a bright kid for trying to get a better education in a good

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