Salvador Sullivan Thought Analysis

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Thought Paper In the essay “Thought” Sullivan discusses his ideas of creative thinking. He begins by criticizing the use of words, versus images. Then he carries on with explaining, certain methods one for it disables the individual to come up with unique and original thoughts. His philosophy of thinking creatively focusses on visual perspective taken and to be taken place only in the present. His methods are a bit controversial for the elements Sullivan disapproves of have many effective uses in the mind, especially reading. In the Section two of Sullivan’s essay he states, “The best that reading and listening can do is to stimulate you to think your own thoughts but, nine times out ten you are thinking of the other man’s thought, not your own.” The issue with this idea in particular is that it underestimates the influence reading has to create new and improve ideas. If one were to want to develop a new skill or progress thoughts, wouldn’t reading in this case be essential? Indeed, reading has the potency to; make reasoning for …show more content…

The ideas that have been developed by geniuses in the past had to have come from somewhere else, as well as their own mind. Everything can be used as inspiration, whether it be a quote or simply one’s surroundings. Theorists, scientists and even philosophers, of The Age of Enlightenment had to have once been exposed to books, in order to become the legacy they will live on to be. Reading actually has made an improvement in living just by having access to past information resulting in enhancing older ideas and thoughts, rather than just duplicating them. It is quite biased to think that reading is not necessary, when it can be proven in multiple ways that it is. Reading is what gives the one the ability to devour knowledge and direct its way to many other people seeking in knowledge that will later contribute to their

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