Sample Case Conceptualization Case Study

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Case Conceptualization #1
When developing a culturally-responsive assessment for this client, there are several significant pieces of contextual information that a clinician should inquire about in order to obtain a better understanding of the client’s experiences. By asking the following questions will enable the clinician to acquire an in-depth understanding of the client’s racial and cultural identities, experiences with racism and discrimination, and how these experiences have influenced the client’s worldview: You identified yourself as American and Puerto Rican. Describe what being American/Puerto Rican means to you? Describe any positive and negative feeling you have towards your being American and Puerto Rican? You stated …show more content…

The clinician can achieve this by asking the client these questions: You mentioned that all your girlfriends have been of non-Caucasian ethnicities, I wonder if you would be afraid of being judged by other people if you decided to reach out to a Caucasian girl given that you are not of the same race/ethnicity? You commented that you often struggled to “reconcile two worlds,” how did you negotiate cultural differences in family values compared to your environment? You stated that your mother has played an influential role in your life, can you identify anyone else who has had an influential role in your life and how so? Did your parent’s divorce alter your relationships with any family members and if so how? You mentioned that your mother expected good attendance and behavior in school from you, is doing well in school a common expectation in the Puerto Rican culture? How would define “success” and does this differ from your family? How did your view of your family members compare to the negative stereotypes placed on? In school, why did you feel the need to hide your view of your family from others? What are your thoughts about someone who seeks therapy? If your told your family you were see a therapist what do you think you family would

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