Sam's Coming Of Age In 'Where Is It Written?'

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“Where Is It Written?” by Adam Schwartz, is a story about a dysfunctional Jewish family, which his parents get divorced. Sam first was in his father's house. Then, his mother’s wanted him back, when he went to his mother house, everything went upside down, fight and more fights. they had a lot of fights during the story. Finally, he went to live with his father and he never saw his mom again. Coming of age is an important theme in which a young person’s transition from childhood to adulthood. Sam came of age because he notice that the was rude to his mom when he was 13 years old, he could be more considerate with her.

To begin, this story takes place in New Jersey. The author introduces the protagonist Sam, who is dealing with a …show more content…

These different moments in which Sandra is described as a sympathetic character are important in Sam’s coming of age because he was too rube with his mother, he could give her an opportunity.

The events of that occur in Sam’s Bar Mitzvah are significant in Sam’s eventual coming of age.
At the Bar Mitzvah, Sam appears with his mother into the party. phyllis call Sam to take a family photo but his mother refused because she was her family too. actually she refused 2 times.
Phyllis started telling her that she was crazy, that's where they started to fight and Sam runs away. This is important because Sam runs away to be with his mother because he was embarrassed that his mom went to that point. Sam talks to his mother in a rude way. Telling her that why she can't be a normal person. Sam explains that “Why you can't be like everyone else!.”(Schwartz, Pg: 98). This quote demonstrates that Sam is beginning to realize that he was too rude with her, he could treat her better. However, he knew that she will never change. Even, he could be nicer with her, she was trying her

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