Samuel Blink And The Runaway Troll Summary

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“Samuel Blink and the Runaway Troll” is the second and last installment of the Samuel Blink series, by Matt Haig. This book starts with Samuel Blink sitting on the grass only feet away from the Shadow Forest, when his Aunt Eda yells at him to come inside. As he walks inside Aunt Eda informs both him and his sister that they have to write about their Summer, before the first day of school. Although their Summer was very eventful, (hence the fact they spent most of it in the Shadow Forest) Aunt Eda wanted them to lie about it, because it was safer that way, especially when Magnus Myklebust around. During all of this Samuel kept rocking in his chair, which caused his aunt to sternly asked him to sit still, but when she said ‘sit’ she got a completely…show more content…
When finished with the baths, The Betterer decided to hang them up on a clothespin, and candy to make their tongue so heavy they could not speak a word. At that very moment Troll-Mother had visited to see if The Betterer and Troll-Father had found Troll-Son, but The Betterer decided to lie, and say Troll-Son and Troll-Father were both killed by the humans. This caused Troll-Mother to cry like never before, fore she believed she had both lost her husband and child in the same day, and she could never apologize for being so mean to them. After she left The Betterer believed he was free, but he was not Cornelia, Martha, Magnus, and head troll (Troll-The-Wisest), had coming knocking on the door, demanding The Betterer release Troll-Son and Samuel. Deceiving them, The Betterer let them all inside, and into the bathing chamber where he dunked them, but Martha’s Hek-Bracelet saved them from drowning. Since the Betterer had never before seen this as he tried to strangle Martha with his whip, but when it stopped at her neck he believed she had magical powers strong enough to kill. With this belief he let them go, and Troll-The-Wisest left to tell Troll-Mother what had happened. During this time Martha, Cornelia, and Magnus had enough time to break Samuel and Troll-Son out to leave. As they started to leave The Betterer overheard Martha tell her brother that the bracelet is what protected them, so filled with anger the Better ran down the steps to catch them. Luckily when Troll-The-Wisest had left, the doorknob was unlocked for them to escape quickly, but the The Betterer started to catch up. So as he ran out of the door Troll-Mother hit him with a pan, which caused the coil whip to wrap around his neck and kill
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