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San Francisco over the years has seen drastic change around itself, with it being a metropolis, it will forgo infinite amounts of new buildings, new trends, and new people; however, San Francisco has failed to change its educational system. SFUSD has remained in the same state over the last fifty plus years, with an immense focus point on segregation within our system. In a quote by Matt Haney, SFUSD school board president stated, “If Abraham Lincoln were to become alive again and look around, this radio station, these cell phones would be drastically different for him but once he would see the education in our country, it would still be pretty close to what it was back then through his eyes.” In our modern day how do we find solutions to move …show more content…

Starr King Elementary and Monroe Elementary, both schools started off in poverty and low ranking in test scores. They both had an enrollment that consisted of 60% same race of either black or Latino. Both of the schools saw the troubles they were coming into, they sought out to see a change. Monroe is considered now to be one of the great diverse elementary schools within SFUSD with a statistic from the SFUSD school website stating it’s population is half Hispanic, a third Asian, seven percent white and three percent black. Monroe saw that it had a high population of Latino youth whom were English Second Language learners, so in an action to help boost those students Monroe installed a bilingual language program in which they can teach all youth in Spanish or English. This of course lured parent’s from around the city of various backgrounds, and even a high number of Asian families because the school also installed a Chinese Bilingual program whilst learning English; to main both languages. The principle of Monroe is Jose Montano and in an interview with KQED a news station in San Francisco, he states, “It’s a tall order to have all this in one school,” he said. “But language pathways make a huge impact in a school’s racial makeup.… Language is a big part of race.” When culture/language becomes a part of a learning environment you not only will …show more content…

Monroe and Starr King are both listed as a school with intensive language programs, therefore, language is their specialization. Magnet schools help to draw a vast array of students and families for a specific reason, helping to create a diverse schooling environment. In an article again by Tucker, she quotes about magnet schools, “One of them, the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering, was rated the 15th-best high school in the country last year by U.S. News and World Report. Other magnet schools specialize in early reading, science and technology, environmentalism, performing arts, journalism and medicine.” In addition to magnet schools, some of the counties that have a high rate of these specific schools have also inaugurated a bussing system concurrent to the historical Horseshoe Bend Bus in San Francisco. In Hartford, Connecticut during 1996 a court ruling as stated by the Connecticut government, ruled for a creation of a system in which allows for students in the city and the outlying suburbs to transfer to one another’s schools. There were busses installed for the youth in the suburbs to come into the city, and vice versa with city youth; Hartford saw an immense growth in diversity among the

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