Sandwich Blitz Unit 3 Assignment

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A). Social Order pg. 192: A group’s usual and customary social arrangements, on which its member’s depend and on which they base their lives. There is multiple ways a gang communicates with its members, and it’s different with each clique. The language is different, yet means the same thing. They have codes that they use with their hands. They stay loyal to the gang or they die, they take care of their own. Every member is well taken care of within the group which is the misconception for some who join. Be in a gang and become a part of a family, a brotherhood, make more money than they would with an average job; for most immigrants in California jobs would be becoming a gardener, moving furniture around, manual labor at factories, etc. They …show more content…

There’s a hierarchy to gangs. There is the top dog, or the one who is above everyone and got there by his own means. This could mean he killed the original top dog, or he created the gang himself. The second would be the OG’s of the gang; they make sure everyone is on task. Then there are the members who know their place and know their jobs. Now everyone at this level has their own jobs to do; they recruit, or smuggle/ sell drugs, collect money, or kill. Of course everyone does a little of everything. Then the new recruits, they are still learning everything about the gang, and are watched closely. Chester and his friend were members, but they messed up when they talked about their gang’s inner workings. They were set up by their gang by placing a guy for them to kill and get arrested. This is how MS-13 keeps its order, by creating examples out of people. Even though Chester and his friend were not killed, he still faced punishment for his act of betrayal. The other type of control would be to jump in their members. This shows the new recruits violence isn’t optional, and if you step out of line you will deal with the consequences. Specifically, the guys who are in jail because they betrayed the gang and want protection know if they step out of the building they are dead. There is a code for gangs, it is 187, this means murder. When a member starts to see this pop up, they know the gang …show more content…

They had been doing it for years, since he was 8 years old. The gang knows the younger a member starts the more they will find murder, and drug deals to be natural to them. This is how they get the loyalty they demand from their members. Members think of the way they are protecting their families, and loved ones. Others are in for revenge and keep that on their mind to kill people and sell drugs. Everyone knows what they are doing, they are aware they are ending a life, and living a life of violence, but something brought them into the gang and they focus their attention on that one thing to execute the tasks given to them. Towards the end of the video, the girl’s killer says this about the gang he wasted his life defending, “We fight to protect territory that isn’t ours to begin with. We cover ourselves with guns to show we are tough, but inside we are weak.” Like all of those guys in jail, like the girl who became a rat, and Chester who agreed to be a part of the video, they get to a point where all the killing, violence and drugs take a toll on them and they want out. To most of them there is no “out,” because they know the task of getting out is extremely dangerous and there is a slim to none chance of completing it alive. Many of them flee to a part of the world the gang hasn’t reached, or they surrender to the law. Eventually, human conscious takes over and there 's nothing they can say

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