East Side Dreams Analysis

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People read books to escape or to get away. People also read books to learn. In the story East Side Dreams written by Art Rodriguez tells a story about when Art was young growing up in the East Side of San Jose. He was living life fast in the streets and was getting into trouble at a young age. East Side Dreams reaches out to the youth and shows kids involved in gangs that there is a way out. When involved in a gang you feel there is no way out, nobody understands your struggle and your chances of dying is 60% more than the average person. It is important to reach out to the youth and Art Rodriguez has done a great job contributing to that cause. The gang life I can relate too. In my experience and in the music that the older homies use to influence their young recruits always explain the struggle that once you are in there is no way out. Also known as: ‘’blood in, blood out.’’ Gang banging at such a young age became natural. It was all around me. My older brother was a gang member and kept secrets from me and always had it all. He had all of the respect in the city. I wanted that respect. My stepfather at the time was abusive and my mother was always at work. I hated my life, every day was a struggle. I got involved at ten years old with the Nortenos and am still till this day, I felt as if there was no way out. I want nothing more than to get out, but it is hard. Art shows an example of how he got out of the ghetto. He was just as much involved as I was. It helps me

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