Summary Of Getting Out Of The Hood If You Want Get Out By David Connor

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There are a various people prejudicially placed into classrooms for students with disabilities because of their race, gender culture/ethnicity, social class, gender and sexual orientation. The way a person identifies occasionally determines if they will be assigned in a class for students with disabilities. David J. Conner discusses Michael’s story, a participant researcher who was placed in a class for students with disabilities; some factors that contributed to the Michael being labeled as disabled is his race and class. Connor came to a realization that there appears to be a high number black and Latino students in classrooms for students with disabilities and he explores some of the reasons through Michael’s story.
During Connor’s interview with Michael he decided to take the narrative approach so Michael has the opportunity to share his personal experiences. This gives a rater a better understanding of a student’s story during their evaluation of that person. Connor conveyed Michaels story through a series of poems to keep his experience …show more content…

It says, “They stereotype black people as thieves, criminals, and all that—you’re gonna steal. So people really don’t trust you” (148-150). Throughout his school years he was constantly labeled and in this instance society has labeled him as deviant because he is black. In the third poem “You Can Get Out of the Hood If You Wanna Get Out of the Projects” it says, “some people --they don’t even know how it is to leave their neighborhoods. ‘oh im scared to leave. I don’t know what’s gonna happen on the outside” (215-218). This shows the influences of living in a community of low socio economic status and how people have an idea that they can’t strive to succeed. Because of the constant labels assigned to them, they are under the impression that they are esser than everyone

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