Purpose Of The Other Wes Moore

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This piece is called “The Other Wes Moore” produced by Wes Moore in the year 2012. Wes Moore wasn't as privileged with his family and surrounding like others might have been. Wes Moore wasn't a great kid, he found things to fill in the free time including negatively affecting stuff. This piece is emotional and subjective, it analyzes how everything came together, and he shows passion and thoughtfulness. The author's purpose of this piece was to show how the choices people make when they're younger can be impacted by the environment one is surrounded with. Wes Moore showed emotion and subjectiveness when he stated, “Like many boys who grew up without a father in the home, I searched for ways to fill that hole”(4). When Was stated this, he …show more content…

This goes to show that by exploring his options and opening up his mind to things helped pull him out of this dark place he was in and start thinking of how he was affected by his environment and many other things. He realized that his environment, genetics, or just bad luck affected him more than he thought it did when he was younger. He shows how thankful he is when he states, “People who taught me that no accident of birth-not being black or relatively poor, being from baltimore or the Bronx or fatherless-would ever define or limit me”(5) and when he states, “What changes was that I found ii was surrounded by people-starting with my mom, grandparents, uncles, and aunts, and leading to a straight of wonderful role models and mentors-who kept pushing me to see more than what was directly in front of me, to see the boundless possibilities of the wider world and the unexplored possibilities within myself”(5). These quotes demonstrate how thankful he was for the people that helped take care of him and change him for the better even if he didnt treat them lively for a while. This shows that if you surround yourself with kind, loving, and caring people, you can

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