Sassoon The Memorial Tablet Analysis

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In 'The Memorial Tablet ', Sassoon is representing his views as a soldier who died in World War 1. The soldier is forced to fight for something he doesn 't believe in. It says "Squire nagged and bullied until I went to fight". Sassoon 's choice of verbs 'nagged ' and 'bullied ' emphasizes how much the squire wants the soldier to join and how much the soldier doest want to join.

The soldier hates the war, he says “I died in hell”, this implies that the honorable death that the young men believed in, was actually an inglorious death for an empty cause. All the soldiers received in return for their lives was a gilded name on a memorial tablet, where people probably wont even see it. He felt that the squire didn 't appreciate how much he risked for his country, for the people he loved, for the squire himself, "Two bleeding years I fought in France, for Squire: I suffered anguish that he 's never guessed". The words ‘suffered’ and ‘anguish ' shows the soldiers’ emotional feeling towards the war, it shows how angry and sad he feels about what is happening and that he has been through a lot.

The squire stays safe at home and did not go to war; there is an implication that he was fully aware of the danger, “I suffered anguish that he’s never guessed”, this shows that the Squire has never felt anything like this before but he knows that the soldiers feel it. "He gives my name a thoughtful stare". The adverb 'thoughtful ' shows that the squire is thinking about the soldier and

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