Satan And The Powers Summary

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Boyd says that living and imitate like Jesus is a key way we fight the spiritual war. He believes that deliverance from demonic possession is an important piece of spiritual warfare. Boyd says that in the spiritual warfare “God battles cosmic powers and humans to establish his will ‘on earth as it is in heaven…. while it’s certain God will eventually triumph over his cosmic and earthly foes, much of what comes to pass does not reflect God’s benevolent will but rather reflects the will of agents working at cross-purposes with God”. Boyd then divides his essay into three sessions. The first session concerns the biblical teaching about “the cosmic-conflict worldview”. The second session makes four arguments for “the reality of Satan and the Powers”. The third session of his essay provides three challenges for Christians: (1) Wake up – “we are called to wear the armor and retain the mind-set of a good soldier”; (2)…show more content…
In this view she uses a lot of her personal experience. She says it occurs on three levels: Ground level - “the practice of deliverance ministry that involves breaking demonic influences in an individual”; Occult level - “resistance to a more ordered level of demonic authority…deals with witchcraft, Satanism, freemasonry, New Age beliefs, Eastern religions, and many other forms of spiritual practices that glorify Satan and his dark army”; Strategic level - “power confrontations with high-ranking principalities and powers…assigned to geographical territories and social networks”. She elaborates that warfare at the strategic level involves several practices: Spiritual mapping; Identificational repentance; Prophetic decrees; Prophetic acts; and Power encounters. She concludes based on her experience that she sees “breakthrough as a result of strategic-level spiritual
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