Savagery And Civilization In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the flies, a novel, written by William Golding demonstrates the differences between savagery and civilization. The book opens up with a group of british school boys aged 6-12 that have survived a plane crash during a time of war. The plane crashes on an uninhabited island which also kills the pilot of the plane. The group of boys soon realize that there is no adult to take care of them. The first two boys introduced in the book are Ralph and Piggy. Ralph is among the oldest of the boys, confident and good-looking, while Piggy is an anti-social, corpulent asthmatic boy with glasses and the most intelligent person on the island, who are also the main protagonists of the story . Ralph finds a conch shell and being power-hungry, he quickly declares himself as the leader of the group. The conch shell is used by Ralph to gather the other boys together.…show more content…
Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric, go to get the glasses back. Jack’s tribe captures and tortures the twin boys. Piggy takes the conch shell and tries to control the situation, because as per the rule, whoever has the conch shell can speak and everyone else listens to him. Roger rolls a boulder from the top of the fort that hits Piggy and kill him, it also smashes the conch shell. The breaking of the conch shell symbolizes that no civilization is left among Jack and his tribe. Ralph runs away as he realizes that he has no authority left and Jack and his tribe has fully become savages. Jack and his tribe hunts Ralph and they set the forest on fire. Ralph finds himself cornered and has no hope of surviving. But the burning forest attracts a british naval ship, and an officer comes to the island. Ralph and the boys stare at the officer, being shocked. When the officer asks Ralph about what happened, he tells him about the casualties. The officer gets very disappointed. Ralph weeps and the other boys start crying
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