Self Identity In 'Born A Crime'

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A person’s self identity is the collection of beliefs and concepts they have about themselves. Physical, psychosocial, and social aspects of self identity are among its parts because these aspects can be modified by a person’s attitude, behaviors, and ideas that can’t be summed up in the concepts of self identity. Readers should know that by analyzing a novel story by Noah Trevor, “Born a Crime’, stories of authors, and my life experiences shows that finding your identity is about finding out what makes you, you.
The first identity that has a connection to Trevor in the novel “Born a Crime” by Noah Trevor, the article “Teen of a Mixed Race” by Adiah Silar, and my first life experience is ethnic and identity. An ethnic identity is an identification …show more content…

This shows that Noah realized that he’s a black when H.A Jack made him realize that he’s part of a black people; he saw himself as the people around him which is black. Another reason why Noah realized that he’s part of the black community is when he got along with the white people in Sunday school, but he said that he doesn't belong to white kids, and he didn’t feel that he’s part of the white community. Another example of searching for identity is in the article “Teen of Mixed Race” by Adiah Silar when Adiah thinks that “there have always been a thousand little things that make me feel disconnected from my single-race family and friends.” (P5 L3). This shows that Adiah makes her feel disconnected from her family and friends because she has predominantly white friends and partners that she admitted that being mixed could be very difficult and confusing at times. Another comparison is that Adiah and Trevor have similarities in searching their identities; they’re both confused in their identities because of the society they’re in. In my life journey living in the U.S …show more content…

Go away, you stupid bushie! Bushieman!’ (P. 122). This shows that Noah got verbally abused by a group of black kids that Noah thought they’re going to make friends with him. Another reason why Noah is finding his identity it’s because even though he thought he is part of the black community where he is, some kids hate him because of his physical appearance. Another example of searching for identity is in the article “The Unspoken History Behind a Surname” by Holly Bowean when Holly thought that “when I’m in the Boston region, people ask me if it’s French, and I think they are trying to determine if my heritage is Italian.” (P4). This shows that Holly tried to search for her identity match their personal

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