Selfishness In The 50's

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In 1850 America was a country that was young and reckless. In the 50’s we went through 3 presidents; Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and James Buchanan. The safety pin, dishwasher, and sewing machine were invented. We had California, Minnesota, and Oregon joined the United States. When I step back and look at the 1850s, I see a solid decade in the further development of America, however, the selfishness that Southern Americans partook in, is disgraceful. While the North was fair and humane, the South was greedy and unjust. Slavery was the problem, people owning people, beating, abusing, and sometimes murdering people who were from a different race. The South favored slavery, the North did not. The entire problem in the 50s was that disagreement

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