What Were The Compromises Of The Southern States During The Civil War

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Civil War By: Mary Vu The Civil War started as a result of conflicting points of view. Despite many attempts at compromise since the writings of the Constitution, the 2 sides, Northern and Southern states could not agree. Since the 2 sides could not agree with each other, they became enemies. The conflicts brew over sectionalism, states’ rights, slavery/segregation, and tariffs. The Union (Northern states) and Confederate (Southern states)’s economy was almost opposite of each other. The Union was industrial, so they had more factories, railroads, and all the other latest inventions at the time. They also had better education including the African Americans. The North had theatres, libraries, and other forms of entertainment. They had a larger population than the South. Since the Southern states were agricultural, they had less factories, railroads, and all the latest inventions the North had. They had a smaller population than the North and due to supply and demand, farmers were not paid as much for their crops. Many boys were sent to military school for education while girls were sent to “finishing” school. …show more content…

Most of the cash crops in the South were cotton and tobacco. They believed that because of the African American’s unique color, they were different and therefore does not give them human rights. They passed the ⅗ Compromise which only counted ⅗ African Americans citizens. If they were to count the African Americans as people, they would most likely be close to even with the Northern states. The Northern states were abolitionists which meant that they were against slavery. They believed that it was wrong to have a human own another human as

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