Selma Movie Analysis Essay

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“Selma” in a perfect world, shows the reality of darker days long since past. In this story, you got a lesson of reassurances that its horrors will no longer be perpetrated, celebrated nor tolerated. This movie beam a spotlight on the stunted growth while shows the evolution of change. This movie is a spine-chilling reminder for those people who forget their history and also offers a blueprint not only of the past, but of the present.
“I Will Follow” and “Middle of Nowhere” are the most popular dramas of Du Vamay and she has prove that she is a master of small, intimate moments. Story shows a great focus on interpersonal dynamics between King and his followers, his enemies and his family. The organization of the Selma and DuVernay gives outstanding scenes to a wide variety of character actors in real-life roles.
Ava DuVernay’s film is called “Selma” instead of “King” and there is a reason behind it. “Selma” is based on the procedures of political maneuvering, bargaining and fighting as it is about the chief orchestrator of the resulting deals. Dr. Martin Luther King is a character of “Selma” human characteristics of humor, exhaustion and frustration. The story tells us about the actions and efforts of the King. It tells us that King was bestowed on a person no different than any of us. Moreover, we have no excuse not to as …show more content…

Story reminds us that the movement is so hard for her husband, especially when she is at home with the kids and the victim of harassment. King is asked a very difficult question by his wife in one of the film’s best scenes. In this scene, the director and actors had done their best, and show an uncomfortable pause between question and answer of Oyelowo and Ejogo. Here is also another best scene of the movie in which Coretta Scott King meets with Malcolm X, and they give an informative piece of strategizing in their

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