Sermon On The Mount Vs Romans 12 Essay

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In the Christians’ perspectives, everyone in this world has been sinful since the creation of humanity. However, they also advise people at least try to do good things in life because virtue is always welcomed to the Kingdom of Heaven while bad actions will only lead to the hand of Satan. The Holy Bible is a precious book teaching God’s children about how to stand against earthly depravity and follow God’s rules of morality. Remarkably, Romans 12 and the Sermon on the Mount teach people the most basic conducts to follow in the context of morality—that is speaking nicely, not judging other people, and having mercy to the enemy. Firstly, Jesus and Paul both shared a similarity in their moral teachings: having mercy to everyone, even if some …show more content…

One of the way of being kind is not swearing as those languages are vulgarized. God only create the kind of speech that are good, encouraging, and make the others’ hope arise, not turning down their positivity. In Romans 12, Paul says that “…bless and do not curse.” (Romans 12:14, the New International Version) When we pray God, we use words which give a sense of joyfulness, respectfulness, and hopefulness. Similarly, we need to use those words to address other people as that act will certainly make God pleased. In the same way, Jesus in Sermon on the Mount also teach people the serious consequences of swearing, that “…anyone who says, ‘you fool!’ will be in the danger of the fire of Hell.”(Matthew 5:23, the New International Version) As the Heaven is a good place with all good things, it is impenetrable to bad things coming from Earth and Hell. Cursing and Swearing are the bad things, so they belong to Hell, not Heaven. Paul’s teaching in Romans 12 and Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount are very meaningful: humans should treat the others well by not to use profanity while communicating with the others, not judge the others, and offer forgiveness for everyone including the persecutors or the enemies. If everyone was to follow these lessons, the Earth would have been remote from Hell and closer to

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