Servant Leadership Essay

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Servant Leadership in Diverse Context Servant leadership is the greatest paradoxical combination of these two contrasting words, which comes to the conclusion that the greatest leader is the one who has the desire and motivation to help others. Robert K. Greenleaf, the author who launched the movement of modern servant leadership, wrote that this principle comes from the natural feeling that one wants to serve in the first place, as the major indicator of his noble character. Servant leadership is holistic in nature, multidimensional and can be expressed differently by distinctive cultures and religions all over the world, since everyone’s worldview is shaped by their religion and culture. In this paper, I will examine how the principle …show more content…

The religion believes that: “Every being has an eternal soul, and all souls are spiritually equal to one another. (A solution for world peace, 2002). They willingly limit their acquisitions so there is a fair distribution of wealth in order for everyone to have the ability to grow and have great opportunities. They also believe that self esteem and ego are the roots to sin. Same as everyone being influenced by the great servant leaders of all times, Jains also have role models. “The Jain ideal is to renounce householder life and to follow the path of their role models such as Mahavira.” Another great characteristic is that they believe everything should be treated equally, they put a great emphasis on nonviolence and they are major environmentalist. “They have a unique center that is spread over more than seven million square feet area that takes care of more than five thousand stray cattle,” and “Another dimension of Jain principles in practice is evident at the Jain Bird Hospital in Delhi at the Digambar Jain Temple.” (Jainism, dharma, and environmental ethics, 2010). Nowadays, the Jain communities Jain are distinguished for their commitment and input to business, and they are also famous for their contributions to science. These accomplishments are measured by the principles of interdependence with prominence on long term

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