Sextus Tarquinius 'Rape Of Lucretia'

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The “Rape of Lucretia” was told from the point of view of a Roman named Livy. Livy lived from 59 B.C.E. through 17 B.C.E. and tells us the story of the Roman lady Lucretia being raped by the Etruscan prince Sextus Tarquinius took place between 27 B.C.E and 25 B.C.E. (McKay et al, Sources, 69). The foolish act of this man Sextus Tarquinius caused a rebellion which resulted in the destruction of the Etruscan monarchy. Tarquinius did several things to frighten Lucretia into having sex with him, while making sure she couldn’t fight back. The first thing he did was he got to know her family fairly well, which gained their trust of him. He then surprised her when she was asleep in her bed and threatened her with a sword if she spoke. Tarquinius was most likely stronger and more physical fit than she was. So, he would have been more dominate than her and the sword was just to make sure she stayed quiet. After threating her with a sword, he then threatened to dishonor her and her family. If she didn’t do what she was told to do, Tarquinius would kill her and a slave and put their bodies together. This would make it look like she committed adultery with a peasant slave. Her killing would be justified for her adultery and being faithful to her husband. She knew if this happened no-one would find out …show more content…

They returned to her and when her husband asked her if she was okay she told them how she had been raped and they acquitted her of any blame. She told the men “But give me your right hands, and pledge your honor that the adulterer shall not escape unpunished. He is Sextus Tarquinius, who, under the appearance of a guest, disguising an enemy, obtained here last night, by armed violence, a triumph deadly to me, and to himself also, if ye be men” (McKay et al, Sources, 70). The men all pledged their honor to her. This showed how much they respected her and cared about

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