Shaquille O Neal Has An Outstanding Nba Career

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There have been many amazing players in NBA history. One position of the game with many hall of fame players is center. Centers anchor defenses and are the primary rebounders on the team. A hall of fame center with an outstanding nba career was Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal had his struggles early on against other centers like Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutombo but he would overcome it. From my research Shaq is the best center of all time. Shaq had a very dominant college career at LSU. He entered as a freshman in the nineteen eighty nine season and dominated at his position. As a sophomore Shaq averaged 5 rebounds a game leading his team. For three straight years Shaq led the entire SEC in rebounds, points, blocks, and field goal percentage. No one at any position in the sec played better than him at these categories. His freshman year Shaq won the …show more content…

Wilt played in a different era than shaq. Wilt won two NBA championships in his career were shaq won four. Shaquille played for nineteen seasons while Wilt Chamberlain played only fourteen seasons. As far as all star games go Shaq played in fifteen all star games while Wilt Chamberlain played in thirteen. Then there were legends like bill russell. Bill Russell does have more nba championships but Shaq has more seasons played with nineteen seasons to Bill Russell 's thirteen. Shaq has more playoffs with seventeen compared to Russell 's thirteen. Shaq also has three finals MVPs and bill russell has none. Shaq averaged more points per game in his career with twenty three. Shaq also has more total points in his career with twenty eight thousand five hundred and ninety six while bill russell has fourteen thousand five hundred and twenty two. Finally Shaq won his last championship in two thousand and five beating the dallas mavericks. The mavericks had dirk nowitzki a big matchup for shaq. Shaq was playing for the miami heat at the

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