Shawshank Redemption Essay

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Shawshank Redemption I never watch the Shawshank Redemption before or even heard of it until this class. After watching the movie it depicts a very good picture of the characteristics and patters of the behavior of the prison, the belief’s , values and traditions of the prison. We might see them as odd but to the inmates that’s a norm for them. In the Shawshank when a new bus of inmates come to the prison everyone in the yard comes to the fence. You can see them yell and scream at the new inmates. You also see the inmates engage in taking bets and witch inmate will break down first. In the film they show how the inmates group them self’s in to gangs for protection. One gang or group in the movie is the sisters which is a group of guys …show more content…

Bogs can be seen as the wolf he is seen as a sexually and aggressive predator preying on the week. Bogs pursues Andy throughout the movie. Bog and some of his followers gets Andy in The back room and rapes and beat Andy almost to death Since Andy became an asset to the guards of the prison the guards end up beating Bog Until he was almost dead and bock his legs. Andy can fit in a number of roles in the prison. When Andy first come to the prison he fits the role of the fish being he just arrived and he not accustom to the prison’s ways but later he fits the role of was the innocent during Andy’s time at Shawshank he is always saying he was innocent that he did not kill his wife or her lover. Andy can somewhat fit the role of Center but not quit he does curry favors with the guards and try’s to follow prison procedures. I saw Red as the merchant or peddler in during the film you see Red calls himself real sears and roebuck. That he can get you anything within reason favors for getting things like posters, movies cigarettes. Red engaged in the underground market of the prison for goods and services to other inmates to make his life and the life of his friend easier and to get respect form the other

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