Ludwig Van Beetoven: A Famous German Pianist

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Ludwig van Beetoven LV.3 630 words EMMA BOYCE Ludwig van Beetoven was a famous german composer and pianist. He was born in December 1770 in Bonn, Germany. He died on the 26 of March 1827. Beetoven was one of seven children, but only three boys survived. Ludwig was the eldest child.Ludwig was taught the piano by his father Johann van Beetoven. Ludwig van Beetoven moved to Vienna at the age of twenty one, where he began studying composition with Joseph Haydn. He began to lose his hearing in his late twenty’s and in the last few years of his life he was completely deaf , we do not know exactly why he lost his hearing. There are many theories the is that he was abused and hit on the head a lot by his father, or how he dipped his head in cold water to keep himself awake too many times . Beetoven’s autopsy showed that he had a distended ear. When he died he was almost completely 1811 he gave up conducting and preforming in public but he still composed. Many of his most famous works came from the last few years of his life. After Beetoven knew that his hearing was just getting worse he made the Sonatas for piano, the best he could. …show more content…

It says how his music,estate and affairs should be left to his immortal beloved. We still do not know exactly who his immortal beloved was but there were many theories as to who it might the movie his brothers wife is his immortal beloved.Another theorie is how his brothers son, his neace is actually Beetovens son. I think the movie Immortal Beloved was very well done. I think that it was an excellent movie the way it had suspence through out the whole movie and how it showed how easily things could be miss interpreted. It showed how difficult it is to live without hearing and having people have to write so that you can talk to them. It is also very inspiaring how even though he is deaf he still composed and preformed and did what he

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