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This is a story about Elizabet Ney a powerful lady in Texas history. Elizabeth Ney was an artist and made sculptures. She was known for her artistic mind in Austin,Texas. She left a good legacy for her family as well.She has many things named and remembered after her.She was different thats what made her special . Elisabet was born January 26,1833,She was also born into a devoted Catholic family.Since she was young she was always independent and very self confident.She did not like what her mom did in the house.What became of that is she shunned herself from kitchen duties.That meant she spent all her time in her father 's sculpture studio.As she grew up her and her father had a strong bond because they would always be sculptring.She had a bond with her mother also but not as much as…show more content…
Elisabet Ney had a great effect on people 's life.Elisa as her father called her had great accomplishments.She had a museum named after her The Elisabet Ney Museum it is mostly about her life and has her paintings and sculptures of hers.She also had a school named after her. Its name is Elisabet Ney Elementary School in Lake Jackson Text for The Texas Fine Arts Association was in honor of Elisabet Ney because of her great work in the art field. She lived in Texas but was from Europe but always had a feeling to go back but never went back. She loved Austin, Texas but Still had a Home in her heart. Elisabet Ney died on June 29 1907 .Elisabet Ney will always be remembered in Texas history. In spite of her sculpturing and her great art work. She left a great legacy for her son and daughters and their sons and daughters and their kids and the list goes on and on.She lived a healthy and happy life she will always be loved and adored by everyone who knows her personally and who knows her art and sculpting work. She was buried at the Liendo Plantation by her husband.Her best friend baried her but it was a hard and long funnel.It was very emotinal for her family and

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