Compare And Contrast Lewis And Clark

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Lewis and Clark are credited while being two of the greatest explorers of our time. In spring of 1806 they after months of planning, strategizing and general preparation, they set out on a 3,700mi trek through the Luisiana Purchase. They began from St. Louis, Illinois with roughly 40 men - including Clark’s slave,York. On this trip they would face many hardships, including malnutrition. But, they had help from the friendly tribesmen on their way. Nez Pierce, Shoshone were two of the most helpful. By traveling across uncharted territories they risked their lives along with all their mens’. In the end it paid off greatly, reaching the Columbia river among one of the greatest. Lewis and Clark owe a great deal of their success to friendly tribesmen! Sacajawea being the most helpful of all. Trekking across thousands of miles and getting through starvation while caring for a young child. …show more content…

Forced to become a slave to enemy warriors for several years. Years later a few Charbonneau won her in a gambling match against the men that had captured her. She served as a great help to Lewis and Clark on great journey. She endured hardship while caring for a small newborn son. She showed the men how to dig roots, adding nutrition they wouldn't get otherwise. Being in the exploration party showed other tribes that they weren't a hunting party, making them less intimidating with a female present. One of the tribes they came up on happened to be led by her brother, making it easy to buy horses, food and find a guide them through the

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