Short Story: Aspen

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Skye wipes away her tears as she looks at her parents. Old memories together flashback to her as the sad music plays. The wounds of the gunshots in her mother’s heart and father’s head, are covered by white cloth. The cries of family and loved ones gathered around at the funeral are blocked out from Skye, and all she can hear are the gunshots she remembers hearing last week outside her bedroom door, the night her parents were murdered. Skye was a 16 year old girl. She was five feet four inches and had light brown hair with blue eyes. Her best friend since second grade was a girl named Aspen. They did everything together. Aspen has always been there for Skye whenever she needed it. They never fought, and they always trusted each other. …show more content…

Aspen was over helping Skye package up her parents stuff. But she wa s ain't there to comfort Skye. Each room in Skye’s house was dimming. You could no longer see your shadow as you walked through the rooms. Night was approaching and after awhile of packaging her parents belongings, Skye decided to take a break. She couldn't handle seeing her parents’ stuff anymore. She told her best friend Aspen they could be done for the night, so Aspen drove home. Skye walked into her dark bedroom painted gray and turned on the lamp beside her bed. Light shined a path way through the middle of her room. Grunting, Skye laid down, worried about how she’s going to live alone, now that her parents are gone. After a while, Skye fell asleep. She was woken by a hand touching her arm. Skye woke up frantically. At first she thought no one was there. After rubbing her eyes, she looked again. Standing there were her …show more content…

How will I survive alone? I promise I'll find out who killed you.” said Skye. “That's not why we're here,” replied Skye’s father. “Honey, we're here because we need to tell you tell you something and you need to listen carefully. Our town is in danger and if you can't help, they'll all be dead, including you.” “What do you mean? What do I need to do?” Skye’s mother replied,“Our house was built on an old graveyard. The people buried here have been watching us our whole lives, wanting to seek revenge and kill us for living on their graves. The only way they could get to us, is if both your father and I were killed. They are now able to get you. Once they get you, they'll get the whole town. You need to hide for now. In the basement are weapons that are used for killing the evil ghosts. We're trusting you to save your town.” Skye takes a moment to actually take in what she has just heard. Many thoughts are running through Skye’s head. Every part of her body starts to shake. A whiff of wind blows on her face. Skye looks up and her parents are gone. Her curtains are waving in the wind from her open window. Skye immediately calls Aspen. “Hello,” answered

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