William Sutch: A Short Story

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" Another child 's body has been discovered this morning, as investigators still search for William Sutch." The television talks as Joni pulls the towel off her head from her routine morning shower, a kiss apron her cheek as her husband Mathew rolls out of bed. "Good morning, did you hear they found another little girls body?" Joni asked. "How many have they found, four in the past six months? Crazy how they have not had any trace of him, it seems he is invisible." She states. It was a sunny Saturday morning, the birds were chirping and the Peters could hear the cars drive past as they start their weekend errand, just like they do every weekend. As Joni starts making the normal weekend breakfast, scrambled eggs, cinnamon rolls, and bacon …show more content…

She keeps replaying the picture of William Sutch, the cereal killer kidnaper who police have been looking for half of a year. As she flips the bacon on the stove her bedroom door opens revealing the television screen with a picture of a man in his late forties, bald top head, and long gray hair flowing down over his shoulders, his eyes shaded by glasses that hang low on his nose. He is even creepier looking into his dark eyes then imagining then in her head. She jumps from her thought as she hears the family dog Chloe bark from outside. Walking over to the door she notices it is not locked and calls to her husband, "Mathew you have to remember to lock the doors at night, especially since that creep is on the loose." He looks out from behind the refrigerator door and replies with and "Oops sorry sweetie, thought I did." Letting the small white puppy is the house Joni reached down to pet it, and she notices its white fur was splattered with mud, she scolds the dog because now she will have to give it a bath later. The little dog scampers off into her daughters bedroom to join her for another nap. The smell of burning bacon reaches Joni 's nose and she walks over to flip then again. "Mathew I don 't think I want Claire going to the park alone today, would you mind going with her?" With a smile he said "Anything dear". As they were setting the table waiting for Clair to wake up, their dog, Chloe, ran out of her bedroom barking hestarically, …show more content…

Clair 's room has to two big windows facing the busy street, she always liked to sit and watch the cars drive past. A light breeze was invading the little girls bedroom through the fully opened window making the window curtain flutter. It felt as if a huge weight was dropped on Joni 's shoulder, Clair knew she was not supposed to open that window with out her mothers permission. As Mathew reentered the kitchen looking as he had just seen the ghost of his dead father, paler then someone who has been sick with disease lying on their death bed. As his usual joyful blue eyes met Joni 's she saw they had turned to stone cold black and she knew right from that something was terribly terribly wrong. With three swift steps Joni was standing in Clair 's bedroom staring at the trundle bed holding every one of Clair stuffed animals, each one individually tucked in with a kiss only 10 hours ago by a small child 's lips, were now unhappily strewn across the bed sitting in the emptiness from the little girl. Looking around the room Joni threw open the closet door where Clair stored her favorite story books, thinking just maybe she was

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