1.08: A Short Story

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It was a normal sunny day.Samantha was abandoned by the parents at age 15. Samantha woke up knowing that she was not alone in her house. She felt this type of presence with her in her room. She gets a phone call from her friends she had met the day before. Her friend Juliet tells her if she wants to go to the movies with her Vanessa and Melissa. Juliet says, “I will pick you up at 8:00. Don’t bring anyone else with you”. Later that evening, Samantha gets picked up. While her friend Juliet is driving, Samantha sees a man on the side of the road. The man is there once they get to the movies.Other people had seen the suspicious looking man. The movie supervisor tells everyone to evacuate. Juliet insists to stay. The movie finished a couple hours later. Juliet says “Hey why don’t we go to the lake, let 's have some fun”. Everyone else agrees, but Samantha seems to think something is suspicious. By the time they …show more content…

When they are driving back home Samantha and Juliet see the man for the fourth time. Juliet steps on the gas and she almost crashed into a light pole. Then that 's when they get home. Juliet is trying to open the door to her house. Then suddenly Julie hits Samantha in the head with a type of stick. When Samantha wakes up she is prostrated on the floor. Melissa says “ How could you believe we were going be your friends, We actually want to kill you. Samantha is shocked and surprised. Then Juliet says that man that has been following us, has been wanting to kill you to. He’s a sinister he kills and buries people at his house. “At least that’s what we think says Juliet”. Later that night, The man shows up and hits the group of friends in the head except Samantha. He unties Samantha and he says “Honey i have missed you all these years, I am very sorry to have left you. The suspicious looking man turns out to be her

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