Halloween: A Short Story: The Story Of Halloween

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One day, a week from Halloween, Ashley sat in her room waiting for her friends. She sat in her bedroom window. She lived in a bad part of town. She turns on the TV just as an amber alert goes off. “Warning,man with a blue truck kidnapped two kids, a girl with long blonde hair and a girl with red short hair.” Ashley never got freaked out about these things. “This happens every month,” her mom says as she enters the room. Ashley sighs. “Your friends are here, are you ready to go?” “Yeah, I’ll come down in a second,” says Ashley. As Ashley walked down the stairs another alert came on but she just ignored it. “You coming?” says Brooke as they walk out the door. Every year the girls go around and do a fundraiser for Halloween. As her friends, Brooke, Vanessa, Justine, Bella and her are walking they notice a blue truck with two girls and a man in a mask looking at them. They all knew who it was. “Run,” says Justine as they’re racing away. Vanessa trips but no one notices. As soon as she is about to scream her mouth gets covered and she is taken away. “You think he’s gone?” says Bella as they stop to take a breath. “I think were good” Justine and Ashley say at the same time. “Hey, where’s Vanessa?” says Brooke as she starts freaking out. “Oh no,” says Justine as she starts rolling on the ground, “we’re all going to die.” “I’m sure she is here somewhere,” says Ashley as they start looking for her. They all yell her name as they walk around looking for
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