The Kite Runner

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An operative forces an FBI agent to help his team track down a rogue terrorist and stop a nuclear missile head that could kill millions of people. BRIEF SYNOPSIS: In Iran, NICK and his team, NATASHA, YURI, and WOLF attack an Iran compound. Nick watches Wolf shoot a woman and doesn’t like what he sees. Three years later, Nick (38) lives alone in a cabin in Alaska when SPECIAL AGENT STACY WILCOX (30) and AGENT QUINN show up asking where his mother, ANGIE, is. They claim she’s selling weapons on the black market. Nick claims he hasn’t seen her for years. After Stacy leaves, intruders with AK rifles attempt to kill Nick, but Nick kills them. Nick grabs passports, weapons, and a stack of Grim Reaper cards and two body-armor t-shirts and flees. …show more content…

He needs Ivan’s help on identifying the two men. Ivan betrays Nick and calls Wolf. Nick and Stacy are being watched by SONIA. Sonia’s thugs attack Nick and Stacy. They escape to the safe house. They follow his mother’s hired guns to a mansion where Dmitri Sorokin lives. They attend a party at the mansion where Nick finds Wolf. He wants to know where his mother is. Wolf agrees to meet him in the morning. Instead, Nick and Stacy are attacked again. Sonia is near by and refers to Nick as Azrael. Wolf captures them, but shoots them, and they fall into the water. The bulletproof shirts save them. Nick admits he never injected Stacy with a poison. Wolf meets with Angie and lies. He tells her he hasn’t found Nick. When Wolf leaves, Angie tells LEV that Wolf knows where the missing nuke is. Nick and Stacy hook up with Natasha and Yuri. They decide to shoot Angie. Nick finds Angie and shoots her. He leaves behind his Grim Reaper card. Yuri and Natasha remove her body. Wolf is told that Angie is dead. Instead, she’s very much alive and teams up with Nick, Stacy, Natasha and Yuri to find the nuke. Wolf swamped a fake one for a real one. They track Wolf’s brother, but he’s killed. They find a map of the East Coast. Nick finds Wolf and in a gun battle kills …show more content…

However, she’s killed too before the climax. In the climax, when they find the ship with the nuke, essentially the two main foes have already been defeated. Thus, it’s anti-climactic to see the hero battle new characters, like Omar and the computer woman, that haven’t been introduced earlier. It would benefit the script to keep the main antagonist alive until the climax on the ship. The climax should contain a true hero vs. foe battle. There are other issues requiring clarification. For example, it’s not clear how Nick can track down the men who tried to kill him at the cabin if they had no identification. Clarify how they learn their IDs. Also, it’s not clear how the intruders found Nick. It feels too easy regarding how Nick locates Stacy through the car rental information. The idea of injecting her with a poison, that isn’t a poison, doesn’t have a good payoff or twist. At first, it reminds one of “DOA” a film in which the hero is injected with a poison, but in the current story it’s not used as well, and it could work just as effectively without

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