Should America Use Atomic Bombs Against Japan?

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Should the USA have used atomic bombs against Japan to end World War II?
War always takes several lives; it destroys balance and brings a bloody story. World War II began on 1939 until 1945 being this one black memory of mankind history. On August 6 and 9, 1945 Japan was scene of one of the cruelest attacks in the history. The United States´ President Harry S. Truman authorized the launch of the atomic bombs on the cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ending with the life of almost 214.000 people, civilians mostly. However, it is analyzed the necessity of those actions starting of the hypothesis of what was right; therefore, a questionable point of view emerges. USA should not have launched atomic bombs because they caused an unnecessary damage, dead people, damage to the environment and diseases to the citizens.
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The atomic bombs were launched in order to show superiority. They detonated on less than 5 seconds causing a collateral disaster in the cities that received the impacts. On the impact corresponding to Hiroshima 80000-people died, leaving after the bang a desolated city. It was not taken into account the innocent people who lived there, they just were killed for power. For example, a kid, who could have offered a lot of things to humanity was, murdered without mercy. Besides, there was another bomb that exploded in Nagasaki where another 40000-people died owing to the war. It is possible to see some silhouettes on the buildings of people who died because of the shock wave. To sum up, innocent people were murdered due to the fact that were launched atomic bombs; it was not taken into account if they had any participation in the world
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