Essay On Should Child Soldiers Be Given Amnesty

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Have you ever thought about the long-lasting argument over whether child soldiers should be given amnesty? Well there is no definite answer and in many ways is a complicated argument. To begin with, child soldiers are kids that are usually forced to join armed forces and commit violence to people all around them through false promises and poverty. In many cases, once they join, its almost impossible to change their mind and leave because they immediately get brainwashed through drugs and alcohol. From there, the kids learn how to kill and then all of the violence starts to happen to those around them. Others argue that child soldiers are dangerous and without doubt should not be given amnesty, however, child soldiers should be given amnesty because they are forced to join through false promises and poverty, get brainwashed with drugs and alcohol, and are usually too young to understand what they are being involved in.
One reason why they should be given amnesty is because they are brainwashed with drugs and alcohol causing them to commit atrocities. The use of drugs and alcohol on child soldiers are pretty common because they have the ability to brainwash …show more content…

Although child soldiers have done many horrendous things like kill innocent people and forcibly recruit more children, there is a reason for everything and in this case is being forced and the influence of drugs and alcohol. These children may seem dangerous in every aspect but always remember that they never choose to commit these atrocious crimes. In fact, as you finish reading, keep in mind that they are just like every other normal human being out there except they were not as lucky as you are because they unfortunately were those who became child

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