Should Electoral College Be Abolished Dbq Essay

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Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson fighting for that one spot, to be the next President of the United States of America. It’s up to the people to show who they want. But it isn’t just the people who determine the winner. The electoral college allows each state to vote and whoever wins the most states is determined as President of the United States. This system also states that a smaller group of people, known as representatives, chosen for the Americans. The electoral college can either be abolished or changed. With it being abolished all the power would go straight the American citizens, if changed it will allow the smaller states to have a say. By changing the electoral college system it will allow representatives of the people, smaller states …show more content…

Most candidates in the race have to win certain states because of how big they are. But if the electoral college were to be abolished these smaller states would not really matter in the election at all. The number of electors must be “equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives” (Document 2). Since these two types of committees are based on the population it must be equal, not less or more. This system also allowed Washington DC to have three electoral votes, it is a system that lets these little states to have a vote. In both documents two and four it explains how the electoral system supports the smaller states. It allows them to have a voice in a …show more content…

With the vote directly to the people it eliminates the idea of a bandwagon. A bandwagon makes people join something because of popular belief it happens a lot now because of social media. Without representatives to persuade the state’s vote it gives people to the choice to choose who they want. On document seven it shows how the 2016 election should’ve gone out, the people’s votes are being persuaded because of the people representing them. Only the majority vote really matters. Having each individual vote count can allow more voting diversity and more voters coming to polls to vote. Another thing that could benefit from this not having a tie vote or a third party coming in and voting eliminating the people’s vote. In document six it talks about the 2000 election, the U.S. Supreme Court had to come in and make the final decision. The ruling stated that “lawsuits escalated the to U.S. Supreme Court where the final, 5-4 decision was made” (Document 6). This ruling left the decision on nine justices, that took away the vote of the people of Florida.Giving back the power of the people will solve many debating issues in the election system. Take away the majority and give back the power to the individual

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