Should Minimum Wage Be Increased

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The minimum wage in America has become a hotly debated topic among the people of the United States, from people working in fast food restaurants to politicians and businessmen alike. The main issue that people are debating on is whether or not the minimum wage should be increased, decreased or remain the same. There are as many, if not more advantages to raising the minimum wage that there are to lowering it, based on factors such as economic growth, inflation, as well as many other things, such as the fact that the minimum wage was established to provide an amount of money that one can supposedly live off of. The amount of poverty by percentage has done nothing but increase since we have declared a war on poverty. This is a very big issue. By raising the national minimum wage, the United States may, after some time, decrease the percentage of people who are considered to be living in poverty. One political cartoon depicts the minimum wage being dictated by large businesses as opposed to having the minimum wage be …show more content…

Cuomo is calling for an increase is the minimum wage of state workers, such as people who work in the government offices, county and state. Will this lead to other states changing how they pay their own employees; economists can only speculate. But New York, like many other states, already pays minimum wage workers above the federal floor for pay, $7.25. This is partly due to the higher cost of living in New York State. And many states that have increased their minimum wage above the federal minimum have, generally, a higher cost of living (Living Wage Map). There are always downsides to raising the minimum wage, as there will be with a topic with two vastly different opinions. Does the minimum wage hurt unskilled workers? Should we raise the minimum wage? Why do we still need the minimum wage? These are all questions surround the other side of the debate on whether or not the minimum wage should be

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