How To Raise Minimum Wage In The United States

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Raising minimum wage in the United States would benefit over twenty eight million workers. Raising minimum wage would help businesses and would also give workers with minimum wage salaries more money then just enough to get by. The money these workers earn will go into businesses in and near their communities. Also the cost of living wages have increased throughout the years. With a minimum wage salary you have to work a forty hour work week without paying more than thirty percent of their income. The increase of minimum wage would benefit more than just workers it would have a positive impact on women and their families. This would benefit women because in the United States women tend to earn less than men. In 2015 full-time female workers made seventy nine cents for every dollar earned by men. Raising minimum wage would also help provide for their children. According to the No Kid Hungry …show more content…

If minimum wage is increased the more money the typical american will have on spending money and they will have more money to put into businesses across the country. In a study performed in 2011 by Chicago Federal Reserve Bank it showed that every dollar added to a person 's minimum wage they spent $2800 more in additional consumer spending. Workers who earn more than minimum wage will also see increases in their salaries. This is because minimum wage is seen as the base number from which their wages are calculated so if the base number is raised their salaries will be arranged. The opposing arguments about raising minimum wage is the increase will force a strain on companies and force them to slash jobs. Around two thirds of low wage workers work for large businesses like McDonalds, WalMart, Burger-King, and ninety percent of businesses like these are profitable the increase of minimum wage would not have a huge impact on these companies where they would lose that great of

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