Raising Minimum Wage Increase Crime

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“Employees 16 and older who are paid hourly makeup nearly 60 percent of the workforce” (Pathe, Simon). This means that over half of the U.S is paid on wages which would mean that changing the wage would affect a lot of people, so this is why this topic is so controversial. Although some may feel that the raising of minimum wage would be beneficial, many sources clarify that it would end up hurting the economy, increase poverty, and increase the cost of a substantial amount of goods. There are many reasons as to why raising minimum wage would not only increase crime, but also reduce school attendance. Consistency, critics may tend to believe that raising minimum wage to reduce crime rates is effective, while in contrast it increases crime …show more content…

Without doubt, the overall effect of raising minimum wage will greatly hurt the economy by the overall loss of jobs that will occur. The article states “In a survey of 1,213 businesses and human resources professionals, 38% of employers who currently pay minimum wage said they would lay off some employees if the minimum wage was raised to $10.10. 54% said they would decrease hiring levels” (“Should the Federal Minimum Wage be Increased” 1). This quote emphasizes on the fact that around 40 percent of companies will lay off employees which would be atrocious because it would force the employees that got fired to have to hurry up to find a job especially if they have to support a family or pay the bills. The loss of all these jobs will put America in a lot of trouble and cause the employment rates through the roof. Along with that, This would not make it fair for smaller businesses that just started out because it could possibly force them to close if they are not able to pay for the amount of employees that they need. To add on to this, The loss of all the jobs would make it a lot harder to get a minimum wage job because of all the competition that a high minimum wage would cause. An article reads “The net outcome of an increased minimum wage would be a large number of overqualified workers taking minimum wage positions that would ordinarily go to young or otherwise inexperienced workers” (J.B Maverick 1). This quote shows the negative impact that the raise of minimum wage will cause by the overall competition for a menial, minimum wage job. This then makes it a lot more grueling just to find a minimum wage job for the inexperienced teens that are just trying to make some money. Another negative outcome would be that if you were going to take the route of not going to college, then you would struggle more on making money and having a stable

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