Argumentative Essay: Raising The Minimum Wage

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During the Obama administration there has been a call to rise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. Those who support the rise claim it is a only “fair” for workers to have a “living wage”. Those who against the rise of the minimum wage say it would have a negative effect on business, small business especially. Business should not mandated to provide to provide a minimum wage based on the governments’ say. In fact I believe the minimum wage should not be raised at all. Raising the minimum wage will cause prices of goods, accessories , and needs to rise as well. As my first source says “A 2013 article by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago stated that if the minimum wage is increased, fast-food restaurants would pass on almost 100% of their…show more content…
We do not know how the rise of minimum wage will affect us in the future here in California, but in Seattle, Washington the minimum wage is now $11.00. The money it is not making a difference. A study in my fourth source “Jacob Vigdor, an economist at the University of Washington and one of the authors of the report...leading the researchers to conclude that the minimum wage reduced the number of hours worked quarterly by 3.2, roughly 15 minutes each week.Those figures do not include workers without jobs…Workers employed by thriving businesses who did not lose any hours could have enjoyed welcome gains. On the other hand, workers who had a hard time finding a second job to make up for their lost hours might have been earning much less.”(Source 4) The rise of the minimum wage is not working in one place, it does not mean it will see the same results in other places, the first step of improvement is identifying the errors. If Congress can find the issues between why the rise of minimum wage is not working in Seattle they might be able to find a successful way to improve the problem why minimum wage has to rise at all. Minimum wage jobs were created for inexperienced teens but, now there are jobs where you start at the minimum. It is not a wage meant to live off of but the minimum wage job is supposed to be a temporary job as you climb your way up to your own personal

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