Silence Is Golden Elie Wiesel Analysis

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Silence is golden. Elie Wiesel states that “being silent means being complicit”. But that’s not true. Because there are plenty of stories where people go above and beyond the call of duty and end up making the situation worse. For example, when a group of hoodlums had approached me. Now the evidence says that the German Workers are awful people because they didn't intervene by helping the Jewish people flee from the camp. But instead, we're throwing bread and making them kill each other now a regular person would have spoken up and probably help them but, let me tell you why that was wrong. With the heavy influence of the Nazis, people wouldn't want to go against the Nazi regime now let's say for example one of the workers did speak up there will probably plenty of spies or one of his own workers would have probably…show more content…
Speaking up is a very situational there are times where speaking up alters the outcome for the better and other times where you’ve made it worse by not being silent. I had seen it happen before my eyes, a 7th grader getting bullied by an 8th grader. One of the 7th grader's friends had run and told a teacher the next day the 8th grader wasn’t there but, when he came back the bullying was worse than before. Now, this isn’t for all situations but, sometimes turning away is the answer. After walking back from watching a movie with my friends a group of troublemakers had approached us asking “where are you from?” stunned by the question I had turned to my friends no even fazed walking the group of thief’s. I shortly followed them pushing past the group and after we had walked past them my friends started to make fun of me for putting my hands up. But in that situation if my friends were to speak up or if I made a comment they didn’t like they could have pulled out a gun and ended us right there, I wasn’t complacent with what they were doing but in that case, silence was the best
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