Similarities Between Ancient And Medieval Mediterranean

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Religion In The Ancient and Early Medieval Mediterranean

The ancient and early Medieval Mediterranean time was a period of European history between the 5th and 10th century. During this time there were a lot of developments and changes in science and technology, changes in political views and most of all religion. The religion of the Romans at the time was that they believed in certain gods they believed that spirits inhabited everything around them. They believed the spirit of their ancestors watching over them so therefore they worshiped them as gods. This basically means that they had the flexibility to worship any god of their choice. Pious or Piety is known as a virtue, this was people that performed their duties and were almost perfect people. Pious Romans were people that were solely devoted to worshipping the god they believe in wholeheartedly. They tried to live a live worthy of emulation. They prayed to their god, performed certain rituals to appease and thank their god in their own way. Their belief in spirits was elaborated in the Document “ Cultivating the Justice and Piety” when they were talking about the ancestors that have died, he said “ These people are alive, they have just escaped from the chains of the body as if from a prison, and …show more content…

They were just as obsessed with their religion as the Pious Romans. They devoted their lives to their religion without hesitation, helping spread the word of Allah. They performed their ritual ablutions, fasting, prayer and giving alms to the poor. They were also willing to die fighting for their belief technically making them Martyr’s. In the document the foundation of Islam, In the Qur’an the testament, it says “ Those who keep the faith and perform the prayer, they are the best of the creation of God”. The Pious Muslim wanted to live a life worthy of saying they are the best of the creation of god. So to do that, they devoted their lives to their

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