Similarities Between Carnegie And Rockefeller

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The streetlights burn slowly and patiently, flaring as more oil is funneled in. The tracks leading across the east coast are steel, linking with its brethren to create a chain travelling across the east coast. The coming train is bound for New York City, prepared to transport prospective men, women, and children to the heart of urban expansion in nineteenth-century America. The country is slowly becoming overtaken by a wave of industry. The two men, poised yet poisonous, standing at the helm of this ship of industry, are John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. Rockefeller, as the head of the Standard Oil Trust, oversees the thousands of barrels of oil being exported over the country and the world. Similarly, Carnegie _. Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller …show more content…

Almost immediately after his arrival, Carnegie took a job in a cotton mill changing bobbins shortly after his family’s arrival. He worked from sunrise to sunset six days a week, receiving minimum pay. However, he was permitted to read in the library provided for the workers and did so avidly, nurturing his love of reading and books. Similarly to Carnegie’s immigration, Rockefeller and his family moved to Cleveland. However, unlike Carnegie, he attended high school and went on to attend business school for a short time. The two now had the experience necessary to launch their careers.
Despite Rockefeller and Carnegie having dissimilar educations and backgrounds, their career paths were anything but so. Carnegie soon accepted a position at the Pittsburgh Telegraph Company and caught the attention of Thomas Scott, the superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, who hired Carnegie as his personal telegrapher and secretary. Working with Scott gave the young Carnegie many of the skills he would later use to generate his success. While he worked on the railroad, he was approached by Theodore Woodruff with an idea for sleeping

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