Informative Essay: Was Andrew Carnegie A Hero?

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Was Andrew Carnegie a Hero?

Andrew Carnegie was a successful businessman. He was born in Scotland. In 1848, His family moved to the United States. When he was 24, he became a supervisor of the railroad company. He began his business in 1872. 30 years later, he became a world’s richest ex-businessman. He died after the end of World War I. Andrew Carnegie was not a hero in three areas of his life: Living, Business, and Charity. The first area in which Andrew Carnegie was not a hero was about Living. According to document 1, compare his houses that he was raised in cottage but died in castle. This evidence shows that he was very rich from nothing. According to his book “Wealth”(document 2) which is related to document 1, this document showed about his thought that he believed in the survival of the …show more content…

According to document 3, He told Frank Doubleday to quit his business instead of encourage him. From the Production Costs and Selling Prices for One Ton of Steel Rails(document 4), showed that Carnegie’s Edgar Thomson Steel Works always get a profit because of location. According to Map of Selected Carnegie Properties(document 5), showed about his industries location that make him got a lot of profit. According to document 6, he got a lot of profit, have many industries but his workers were unhappy. Because, the workers were overwork and got a very low wages. According to the Average Daily Hours and Average Daily Wages in US Manufacturing 1892(document 7) showed that the average working hours per day of Carnegie workers were around 10 hours and the wages per day was about 1.5$ which is very cheap. According to document 8, showed about his thought about rich people. He told that the man who was rich will die with honor. He concern about rich people but did not care about the labourers. This Business thought and management could be the important evidences to proof that he was not a

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