Similarities Between Checks And Balances

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Federalists are folks that agreed with the Constitution while anti-federalists disagreed. The federalists wanted a strong natinal government so the nation could be protected. Anti-federalists thought that a strong executive could become a king and similar to a monarchy. Both sides relied on Virginia's vote to raitfy the Constitution, and little states to follow behind, so it could go into effect. New Hampshire was the final state to vote and the Constitution went into effect, so the people celebrated on a day known as the 4th of July today. Federalists supported the constituion and wanted a strong elected government. They believed that a powerful national government was needed so that the nation would be protected and to address domestic issues. Federalists also believed that the Constitution should be allowed to place limitations on the powers of each branch of government. So therefore, Checks and Balances …show more content…

They were passionate that the Constitution created a strong executive authority and that the president could easily become king by being reelected pver and over again. They also wanted a Bill of Rights specifically protecting citizens from the national government. Anti-federalists wanted fewer limits on political participation by all citizens. They didnt want the Constitution to go into effect, hoping that nine states wouldnt ratify it. Federalist and Anti-federalist depended on Virginia's vote since it was a big powerful state and smaller states would follow behind. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay wrote 85 essays in newspapers in support of the Constitution. While they were waiting for Virginia's vote, New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitutuion. So then it went into effect on July 4, 1788. They had a parade where militiamen that fought in the Revolution

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