Similarities Between Macbeth And Gambino

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Carlo Gambino also known as the “boss of bosses,” was the head of an organized crime family in New York. Macbeth was a Scottish general that turned into a murder after letting his ambitions rule him. While Macbeth’s terrible deeds were limited by the imagination of Shakespeare, Carlo Gambino’s actions troubled many in real life. If we look at the life of both characters we see different and similar characteristics, from their early dominions to their lasts.
One of the first similarities we see between Gambino and Macbeth is their lack of confidence as leaders. Their insecurities and shabby morals lead them to agree to make unethical decisions by outside forces. When Macbeth’s wife sees the possibility of her husband becoming king, she proposes to murder King Duncan; the current ruler of Scotland. At first, Macbeth doesn’t concur with the plan, but after being taunted by his wife, Macbeth finally gives in. Lady Macbeth’s words find a …show more content…

It is his way of preventing anyone from taking over the throne. What started as one immoral scheme suggested by Lady Macbeth later led to a blood bath a by Macbeth. This is another similarity Macbeth shares with Gambino. They both hire or work with a group of people to get rid of those who are in their way and expand their criminal work. One murder ignites the spark of their selfish actions. After, Anastasia’s murder Genovese believed that he had won Gambino over. However, Gambino had his own mind and he allies with other mobsters, Luciano, Costello, and Lansky. Together they end up betraying Genovese and all four work to set Genovese up. At the end of their scheme, Genovese ends up getting caught and arrested for a heroine shipment, and Thomas Eboli becomes Genovese’s replacement. Historians report that Genovese eventually died of a high heart attack in

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