Similarities Between Romeo And Juliet Tragic Hero

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A tragedy is normally used to describe any disaster or misfortune, but when referencing a tragic hero, authors are talking about a character who displays destructive tendencies we all have. The tragic hero ends up causing his own suffering because of basic human nature, but when the hero is defeated, humanity prospers and is shown to have redeeming qualities. Three main theories of the tragic hero are the Aristotelian model, the Shakespearean model, and the modern tragic hero. Each model has five defining characteristics, which are nobility, hamartia, downfall, antagonists, and suffering. In the Shakespearean mode of tragedy, the play Romeo and Juliet best models the tragic hero. For instance, nobility is defined as being upper class and having elevated character. Romeo satisfies both these criteria through his position as an heir of the Montagues who are rivaled…show more content…
He was born in a log cabin to a poor family in Harden County, Kentucky a few years later he had to move into a crude three walled structure threw the winter (1). With his family being poor he would be considered as a common man. Additionally, Lincoln had little formal education, it is speculated that his total formal education was no more than one year in total (1). He would become a lawyer where he would become interested in politics. He eventually ran for the Illinois house of representatives and won. He was not a national figure until he was in his thirty’s. He became this when he ran against Stephen Douglass and challenged him to the Lincoln Douglass debates (1). This made him a natal figure and set him off on a speaking tour around the country. Therefore, Lincoln had to work for his name, without this hard work and persistence he would not have made it to the republican national convention of 1960 were he would be nominated for

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