Similarities Between Salem Witch Trials And The Crucible

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The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller to compare his own life experiences to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. In the Crucible, young girls in Salem Village start to act in strange ways. They blame their behavior on witchcraft and begin to accuse certain people they do not like or get along with of practicing witchcraft on them. The community in Salem is very religious and fear the Devil and his powers. so even without evidence against the convicted people, the community believed the girls and executed all that were accused of witchcraft. The Loudun possessions were witchcraft that took place in Loudun France in 1634. A convent of nuns claimed that they had been taunted and possessed by demons. A priest named Urbain Grandier was the …show more content…

She eventually wakes up after much discussion among doctors and reverends wondering what is causing her to lie still. After Betty wakes, Abigail Williams brings all of the young girls together and threatens to hurt them if they speak of what they did in the woods with Tituba. Instead of confessing to participating in witchcraft with Tituba, the girls all claim that witchcraft has been practiced upon them and that they saw the Devil. They also claim that they can spot witches that are trying to force their black magic on them. All of the accusations made by the girls were brought to court and surprisingly, without any physical evidence, the court believed the girls claims. Everyone that the girls accused were imprisoned and eventually hanged. Before the Loudun Possessions began, there was a just a priest named Urbain Grandier. He was known to break his vow of celibacy and have sexual relations with many women. In 1632 a nun named Sister Jeanne was intrigued by the rumors of Urbains’ relations and decided to pursue him. After he rejected Jeanne, she became very angry and accused Urbain of using black magic (witchcraft) on her to make her desire him sexually. Urbain was arrested and interrogated but eventually pardoned. Later, documents were found stating that he had made a pact with demons to seduce Sister Jeanne and several other women. The documents were supposedly signed by Urbain and serval other

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